Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Direct Organics?

Direct Organics is an online home delivery service offering customers consciously created farm fresh local, seasonal and organic food boxes delivered weekly, bi-weekly, once a month or tailored to your busy schedule.

Direct Organics and our social media outlets, are a valuable source of information that promote healthy lifestyle choices (recipes, health blog) and engages in the community we support.

How Does the Sign Up Process Work?

STEP 1 – Pick out what size and type of Direct Organics box you would like.

STEP 2 – Create an account and any special instructions to set up your delivery.

STEP 3 – Choose your delivery schedule and provide billing information.

BOOM!  You’re done and halfway to enjoying farm fresh, healthy local and organic produce delivery.  There is NO commitment ever!  If you are going on vacation, or just need to skip a delivery, our system makes it very easy for you to manage your delivery, or feel free to call or email us anytime to assist you.

We do not charge a fee for registration or membership fee’s!

Minimum order is $29.00.

How Does the Weekly Cycle Work?

Every Thursday we send out our weekly email letting you know what is being harvested by our farmers for our produce boxes.  At that time you can go into your account and customize your Direct Organics box as we offer up to 3 substitutions.   Also, feel free to add any additional items we’re offering to can be added to your Direct Organics delivery.   We close orders off Monday 8am prior to your scheduled delivery date, so please make any changes to your order or skip your delivery that week prior to Monday.  If you need assistance, please email and we will happily help.  Lastly, get ready to receive your farm fresh produce delivered right to your door in our Eco friendly box!  eco friendly logo

What Is My Delivery Schedule?

We deliver on different days to different zip codes.  You can find your delivery date and schedule in “My Account” once you login.  Remember, the deadline for your order is Monday 3pm before your scheduled delivery day.  Don’t worry, if you miss this week’s cut off, be sure to still create an account so you are on our email list for the following week’s harvest or contact customer support at and we’ll handle it for you.

*Please note: Delivery delay can be at the hands of Mother Nature due to weather, or traffic delays, once the order leaves us it is in the watchful hands of one of our drivers, couriers or UPS.  All damage reports must be made within 24 hours of receiving your order and pictures may be requested*
Our Committment:

As a forward thinking community business, we support local farmers that use sustainable farming practices to produce products that benefit the well-being of our customers and mother earth.

Our Guarantee?

We promise 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. However, we are aware of the fact that bad produce does slip through the cracks. If, for whatever reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your produce please send an email with a picture of the produce and an explanation of your experience to and we GUARANTEE to make it right.

 What Are My Box Options?

Box sizes:  Eenie (S) · Meenie (M) · Minie (L)    

Box types:  Classic · Cleanse  

If you don’t see anything you like, contact and we will happily here customize your Direct Organics box.

Can I Customize My Box?

Absolutely, we offer 3 substitutions in all our boxes.

What if I want to add more items to my Order?

Once you sign up for our service, add all the additional fruits, vegetables offered that week.

What Are My Payment Options?

After choosing your Direct Organics box, our system will ask you to create your account with all the required contact information, along with a dedit/debit card for payment.

How do redeem a promo Code?

In the initial sign up page, enter your code in the “Have a coupon code” box and click apply.  If you have another coupon code that you would like to use, contact and we’ll handle it for you.

If I sign up, am I automatically enrolled into a Membership?

There is no commitment to our service, but our website allows you to customize your delivery schedule to fit your needs and busy schedule.   It’s easy to suspend or cancel your deliveries at any time.  Find all the information within “My Account”.  If you still have questions managing your account….  contact us anytime at as we are always here to help.

What Does My Order Delivered Details!

Direct Organics prides itself in using 100% recycled, eco-friendly boxes. We are aware of the growing concerns of the global environment and want to do our part by utilizing the best product for delivering our goods to you. While we don’t require you to return the box, we do encourage you to recycle or re-use it to do your part for our environment.

Delivery how much does it Cost?

Delivery is on us….. You’re welcome!

What if want to deliver to multiple Locations?

As long as your near, we will find you…. if not give contact us and let’s see what we can come up with.

Do I need to be home to accept Delivery?

While you do not need to be at home when your order arrive, we recommend that you specify where you want your box to be placed by updating your delivery instructions.  If you live in an apartment complex or condominium, make sure you provide any necessary details for our drivers to delvier your box to the correct location. It’s better to have your order delivered to a spot that is out of sight, under cover, and not in direct sunlight. We offer both morning and afternoon delivery options to most areas.

How will my delivery remain Fresh?

Our packaging ninja’s have invested a lot of time into testing both our packaging and cooling system.  Our Boxes will trap the cool air provided by strategically placed ice packs within your package.  We have both morning and afternoon delivery times available in hopes that the produce won’t be waiting for too long.  Our drivers will do their best to place your package out of the sunlight to ensure your produce stays cold.

Where do you Deliver?

We offer service to the western suburbs in & around the greater Downers Grove area. We are focusing initially within that zone, but soon will be expanding into the rest of the Chicagoland area.  If you sign up and we can’t deliver to your area immediately, we’ll contact you with details.  We may just need a few of your neighbors to sign up with Direct Organics so we can expand to your delivery zone.  If you have any question(s) about our current delivery zone or the expanding area, you can contact us at (312) 754.8668 or email us at  any question(s) you may have.

Allergiesand Diet

If  I have an allergy, can I be assured that these items will not be in my Box? 

Yes, within the signup process you may substitute up to (3) items as deal breakers, otherwise contact us and we will handle it for you.

Is my box Organic?

Yes – all our food that we deliver is either “Certified Organic” or “local and chemical free”.  At a minimum, all of our local producers practice sustainable farming.  There are no chemical fertilizers and no pesticides used.

Where does Direct Organics get their produce and goods?

The Direct Organics team searches high & low, week to week searching for the best local, domestic & international produce available.

Contact Us? What if I am not satisfied with the products I receive?  What is your return policy?

It’s our policy to refund or credit for any unsatisfactory items.  If you find the produce in your delivery to be expired, or if it’s in bad condition, email or call us at (773) 486.2038 to receive a credit to your account or full refund.  At Direct Organics your satisfaction is our top priority.

I I didn’t get my box, what should I do?

Call us at (773) 486.2038 or email us at right away!

Always searching from great Talent!

We are always looking and willing to have conversations with passionate foodies, bloggers, social media experts and more…  It’s a busy business!  Tell us a story and send over your resume @

I have a great BOX idea for LTG Direct Organics…. we want to hear It!

We love chatting with our customers on how to make our experience better for all.  Drop us a line at (773) 486.2036 or email us at or share your ideas, recipes on any of our social media sites.